I have always admired DeWalt cordless power tools. After all, they are not only powerful enough for just about any DIY project, but they also shine in sheer durability. As I found out firsthand though, making the most out of such impressive equipment also depends on my willingness to prioritize safety. If you think that you are handling power tools rather recklessly, then you should definitely read on. Simply put, I came up with this write-up for the sake of highlighting several safety pointers.

All about Correct Handling and Storage

When I received my first few DeWalts, I was not aware that even the sturdiest tools should be handled and stored properly. Well, just like me back then, you would be pleased to find out that taking good care of DIY equipment is far from challenging. First, it would be crucial to remember that while you are carrying a tool from one place to another, your fingers should never be near the main switch. Second, you have to keep in mind that any equipment should not be stored in very hot places.

DeWalt Cordless Power Tools and Gears

After finding out that there are must-dos when it comes to handling and storing power tools, I learned that I should invest in protective gear. Interestingly, DeWalt also manufactures some of the best safety products. I ended up purchasing hardhats, work gloves, goggles, and earmuffs. Most importantly however, I bought a pair of non-skid safety shoes. As you would expect, slipping or falling down while using any high-powered drills and saws would surely bring dire consequences.

Discussing the Importance of Cleanliness

At this point, I have already made it clear that accident prevention should be among any DIYer’s goals. I should point out however, that wearing the right gear while working with wood or metal is not enough. It would be crucial to keep the entire work area clean. You might think though, that dust and other minute particles would never be able to harm you. Well, I should tell you about this fascinating fact: any small thing that moves quickly through the air could create static electricity and start flames.

DeWalt Cordless Power Tools’ Condition

Aside from keeping the entire work area dust and clutter free, I also make it a point to check my tool’s condition before using it. You might say that DeWalts are built to last and I should not worry too much. I must remind you that even the most durable products on the market eventually wear out, which in turn means that such offerings could malfunction and become dangerous. Anything loose or broken should be immediately repaired even if the piece of equipment still seems to function properly.

Staying Safe Is Not a Difficult Endeavor

DCK590L2_K1It would be appropriate to say that keeping your DIY activities completely safe is effortless. After all, you just have to follow four pointers. I should tell you however, that it should also be among your priorities to broaden your knowledge on the topic of safety. In fact, it would be most advantageous if you would come up with your own set of guidelines on using DeWalt cordless power tools that truly suit your preferences and circumstances.