I have always wondered whether it would be wise to buy reconditioned DeWalt cordless tools. Of course, I did not merely think about the topic. I decided to learn as much as possible about it. After all, having sufficient information is always necessary in trying to come up with the right decision. So, what did I find out? I realized that the term “recon” is mostly associated with advantages, especially in terms of savings. It is true however, that reconditioned pieces of equipment are not perfect.

Talking about all the Discount Opportunities

It would be safe to say that the most noteworthy perk of getting recon DeWalts is not having to spend a fortune on tools. Just consider this interesting example. A brand-new angle grinder usually costs around 90 to 100 dollars. On the other hand, a manufacturer-repaired variant of the very same piece of equipment is often priced at just roughly 50 dollars. This considerable difference in price between brand-new and recon tools is actually the reason why I finally decided to get a compound miter saw.

Tough Reconditioned DeWalt Cordless Tools

Before deciding that it is time to invest in a manufacturer-repaired compound miter saw however, I broadened my knowledge on one particular topic: durability. Even if the tool only costs a little more than 100 dollars, I would not be willing to spend money on it if it will just stop working after a few weeks or months. As I have discovered in my search for facts though, recon equipment last just as long as their newly made counterparts. Also, reconditioned tools undergo more QA checks than brand-new ones.

Discussing the Significant Warranty Matter

While looking for additional information on such impressively inexpensive offerings, I realized that recon DeWalts might have a certain downside in terms of warranty length. In particular, refurbished items usually come with a 30-day warranty, which is obviously much shorter than the common 3-year warranty bundled with brand-new products. I should point out however, that there are instances in which some shops tempt those looking for recon tools with all sorts of free warranty extensions.

Reconditioned DeWalt Cordless Tools’ Luck

Many would agree that the greatest downside in buying remanufactured equipment is that availability depends on one’s luck. Let me explain a bit further. Reconditioned tools are essentially pieces of equipment that have been returned to manufacturers and have been repaired to attain a brand-new-like quality. This means that the stocks of refurbished products depend on the number and kind of items being returned. Now you know why DIY aficionados rejoice when they manage to buy a reconditioned item.

A Very Sensible Recommendation to Others

334732_lgAs I have made clear, it would definitely be appropriate to say that hunting for remanufactured equipment is not a task that suits everyone. I believe that those who are in urgent need of a certain tool as well as those who prioritize warranty length should just opt for brand-new products. On the other hand, for people like me who always seek the best bargains and are confident that reconditioned DeWalt cordless tools truly shine in sheer durability, there is only one obvious course of action.